Why Adding Value is Vital

Strata-WorX is a consultancy designed to improve the value of your apartment building. Every day, potential tenants and investors are looking for places to live or properties to buy. Your building is competing in the marketplace for these “customers”.

In almost every commercial activity, there is competition and apartment buildings are no different – you are competing with every other building in your area for the same “customers”.

As a prospective tenant:

“I’m looking for the best value that works for me – the amenities I want, a location close to work or other aspects of my life, the proximity to services, restaurants, shopping, transport and of course the price. Beyond that, I want a great looking building, one that is well maintained, clean, tidy and a where I’m proud to have my friends visit.”

As a prospective investor:

“I’m looking for the best value that works for me – a building where vacancies are consistently low, is well maintained, is clean, neat & tidy, where running costs are commensurate with the sophistication of the building.”

To become a Building of Choice that is attractive to these two “customers”, your building needs to be better than your neighbours. On a like-for-like basis, your building should provide more and better quality services, more and better quality cleaning, better gardens, a more attractive entrance, better signage, sophisticated security, and so much more.


Extensive experience in the world of strata

Strata-WorX have been involved with implementing a number of value-add projects in a variety of building types – high-rise residential, low-rise residential, retail and commercial properties.

As a member of various Strata Committees as chairperson & secretary, Strata-WorX are currently involved in numerous properties. We understand the strata world.


To us, commitment is more than delivering the highest quality professional advice and guidance. It means understanding each project from your perspective and then pursuing the matter with the same zeal as if it was in my own building.